Be Brave. 

Be Free. 

Be Uncivilized.


Why so uncivilized?

We believe in living a life less ordinary.  The world is big, but we can make it small by stepping outside our comfort zone and sharing new experiences.  Howl at the moon.  Run with the bulls.  Dance naked around the campfire.  Be uncivilized!

In this life, you get to choose your own adventure.  Do what you love and love what you do.  Don’t let life define you.  Define your life!

Our Adventures


Dirt time is how we get in touch with nature.  It’s our way of recharging and connecting with the world around us.

Scuba Diving

You think the world above the water is amazing?  Try going down under.  It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.


It’s not just about being on the water.  Yeah, we need that, but we need to connect in a primal way.  We can’t tame the wind, but we can use it.


Flies, bait, lures or jigs.  We love it all.  Big fish, little fish and sometimes no fish.


While day hikes are a lot of fun, nothing beats an extended stay in the wilderness.  Bring a hammock and hang with us.



On the range or in the field, we fully support the Second Amendment and believe in being prepared.  You should too.

The Uncivilized Team



Who We Are

Scott is qualified to be a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.  Certified since 1985, Scott has explored the southern California coastline for years.

The Angeles National Forest has always been a special place to Scott and he’s explored the North, West and East fork of the San Gabriel River with friends and family for years.  There’s still lots of secrets to be uncovered in this amazing place.

Sailing is the newest infatuation here at Uncivilized Adventures!  So much so, we’re buying a boat and we look forward to taking you along for the trip.  Catalina here we come.

Meet the Team