On a bright sunny Saturday morning, October 2021, we drove down to San Diego to buy a boat.  It seemed simple enough.  We’d done our research and knew what we were looking for.  She’ll eventually be renamed “Uncivilized” but for right now, she’s a 1982 Catalina 30 named “Wind Dancer” and she’s pretty good looking for her age.

We ended up getting towed all the way from San Diego to Long Beach and while it wasn’t what we were hoping for as a maiden voyage, we learned a lot.  It took about 9 months to get her ready to sail (most of that time fighting with an engine replacement) but again, we did the work ourselves and learned that boat inside and out.

It’s 2024 and while we are no way seasoned sailors, we’ve spent as much time on the water as possible and continue to love this lifestyle.